Restoration 2000-2004. 

From the Recovery in August 2000 to the end in August 2004,  Wnr. 6146 was under restoration in Gardermoen by a small dedicated group of volunteers. By June 2003 the Group had logged around 4000 hours on the Plane.

The restoration was a painstaking progress which resulted in the Fuselage and the Wings were stripped down to the bare Metal, then washed and given treatment against corrosion. The further fate of this Plane is not known, it will however be transfered to Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin at a later stage.

Some of the volunteers working on Wnr. 6146.  

Copyright: all pictures Guttorm Fjeldstad.


In August 2006 CF+VP was transported "back" to Germany.



Wings and other sections of the fuselage made ready for the transport.



After six years in Norway CF+VP / Wnr. 08806146 leaves Norway for the last time.

Copyright: all pictures Guttorm Fjeldstad.