The recovery of U4+TK

The turn had come to U4+TK. As with the Heinkel, the Plane was in down up position because of the missing Tail Plane had made it turn up side down when it sank (see the model). The same lifting procedure as conducted on the He111 was used on the Ju88. 

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Despite the structural damage in one of the Wings, the surfacing went without trouble, the original lifting hulls on the Fuselage were used. All during the night when the Ju88 was taken to the beach, the restoration team sprayed water to get so much of the mud out as possible. 

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Because the Bindings to the Engines was of Magnesium, they had disintegrated in the water, and seperated the Engines from the Fuselage. Therefore it was impossible to salvage the Engines on the inital attempt together with rest of the Plane. The next day, the 7th, the Fuselage and wings on seperate trailer were transported to Gardermoen. The transportation was done by Viking transport service.


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During 14/15th september the team recovered the Ju88's engines, together with the Last Heinkel Engine and a Fuselage section from 4D+EM (Wnr. 113) sunk around 22th april according to FMU.


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The team did a last wreck find in Jonsvatnet. The remains of a Arado 196 that crashed there during april 1940 (date unsure) with all of the crew KIA. The wreckage was left untouched because of the status as a War Grave. 


The Norwegian part of the team was tired, but highly pleased with their efforts. They left Trondheim and Lake Jonsvatnet with the most solid evidence of their work, a "brand new" Ju88 back on their Trailer.

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