The Plane 

The story about the Ju88 with Werk. nr 0886146 (Dornier werk nr. 1) starts at the Dornier-NachBau Junkers company, probably south in Germany. The Dornier Werke employed two factories, one in Constance at the border to Switzerland. Of the Constance Factory very little is known.

6146 rolled out of the factory in April/May 1940. It was delivered to Luftwaffe on 03.06.1940. This Junker was the first license built Ju88 at Dornier, and therefore given Dornier 1. It was originally built as an A-1 (Dive bomber) version. Information from Guttorm may indicate an earlier production of the A-5 version. This could had resulted in a conversion to A-5 already during the roll-out of the factory. The plane was delievered to II/KG 54 "Totenkopf" (Deathshead), and took part in Battle of Britain. The Stammkenzeichen was B3+BM, based at KG 54's french bases at Evreux and St. André de l'Eure.

This B3+BM from II/KG 54 was the Plane Werknr. 6146 actually replaced! This "earlier" B3+BM crashlanded at Earnly Field, UK on 21st August 1940. The kill was credited to

17th RAF Sqn. Copyright: ww2images (Picture no. A02143G)

Discoveries of a "K" under the wings, may indicate that it was borrowed to KG51 "9K+" for a short while during BoB. See here for the full story of each large component of the plane.

The Plate from 6146, damaged by corrosion, but it clearly reads "1" on the section. Copyright: Guttorm Fjeldstad.


On 04.04.41 the Plane received 70% damage in a crash not far from the base, at a place called Rugles. It was very rare that a plane with so much damage was sent away for repair instead of becoming a wreck cannibalized for spare parts.


This is most probably 6146 or another Ju88 with the same Field Modification MG15 on each sides of the Cockpit. Copyright: Picture from the Ju88 Collection at Gardermoen.

The wreckage of the Plane was sent to ATG Maschinenbau GmbH , Leipzig. There it was possibly converted in to a A-5 version. The right wing was changed and exchanged with an brand new one, and had painted "6146" on it. The left wing was manually converted to an A-5 wing.

Traces of black painting is probably from the time of night bombing over UK by KG 54. Until late 1941, the Plane stayed in France till it was transferred to Russia, probably again with KG 54. There are a chance that this Plane participated in the Crimea campaign. Shortly after the arrival in Russia, the Plane again experienced a accident, this time in the wings (10-12%) This damage was probably only given a quick field repair, since some of the damage is still appearent on the Wings..

Later when KG54 recieved new Ju88's, 6146 was handed over to Kampfligerschule 3 at Griefswald. Before the handover to the training unit, 6146 was given a overhaul, and repainted with the traditional KG54 theatre band over the Balkenkreuz, but it retained its radio-code. The only change of the markings at Greifswald, was the painting of the small "Gr. Kampfliegerschule Greifswald" back on the tail. This was done to ease the identification for the unit and the Ground Mechanics. By now 6146 was a well used Plane with over two years action, compared to two months service for a average Ju88!

Thanks to Mark Sheppard (Historical Researcher) and Guttorm Fjeldstad for solving some of the mystery behind 88/6146!